Mapping Your Best Life
We are the descendants of spiritual warriors. Within each one of us lies the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, who found ways to thrive in the midst of immense challenges. They also created beauty, spoke with the elements of nature, and lived with a fullness that reflected a world-sense grounded in power and transformation. As we begin to remember and activate our inner-wisdoms, we tap into our own creativity as an act of liberation, a gift to ourselves, our ancestors, and our communities - both now and in the future. Histories of capitalist oppression have severed many of us from the real sense of value that is inherent to our work. This can manifest as individualized feelings of inadequacy and a general disconnection between our own healing capacities and our business practices.  Using Zakiya's signature "Shift Map" blueprint, participants will learn how to align your business with the cycles of nature and create a vision for the future while aligning your purpose with your passions. You will leave with your very own shift map to further your practice at home.
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